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Banking & Financial

We can support you in meeting the ever-increasing expectations and regulatory demands placed on your organisation.

Many sectors are facing up to the same challenges when it comes to their customers – how to meet ever-increasing expectations, encourage loyalty and also entice new ones. The banking sector has additional demands – to comply with changing regulation and stringent capital adequacy requirements as well as the task of re-building customers’ trust in their bank.

Our banking solutions allow you to manage your increasing workloads and regulatory pressures efficiently, while meeting the challenges of reducing budgets, advances in technology and improving relationships with customers.

Outsourcing to us

BrainPower provides a broad range of services that complement the operations of the banking business, and have the widest expertise in the outsourcing market. Our scale and experience mean we can deliver specialist tailored services and solutions to our clients, allowing you to react quickly to market and business challenges.

Tailored to your needs

Every client we work with comes to us seeking specific solutions. We recognize, however, that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and can deliver a number of individual services, an entire function (e.g contact centre or mortgage operation), or a full end to end business process. We will work with you to understand your business needs and in turn will create unique, cost effective services to provide improved customer experience and operational excellence.

Specialist services to the banking sector

We have considerable experience across the whole spectrum of banking activity and our knowledge and understanding of the sector enables you to add value to what you do. In particular we specialize in:

  • analytics - combining analytical expertise with practitioner experience to create value for financial services firm across Europe.
  • customer management - a partnership approach to managing and improving your customer experience
  • loan and mortgage administration - providing a unique end-to-end range of loan servicing, asset management, and agency services

By moving from in-house service provision to a specialist third party provider, your organization can benefit from economies of scale, a range of expertise and flexible resources, as well as flexible delivery options.


As the leading provider of support services in education, we’re in prime position to help you react speedily and securely to changes in the sector – in schools.

Focus on teaching children

We can help you through the organizational and structural changes that schools are dealing with. We’ll make sure you’re responding smoothly to new schools programmes and initiatives – while squeezing more from reduced budgets and boosting your efficiency.

Competition in further and higher education

We can help you face the rigours of the rapidly tightening environment you’re operating in – dominated by shrewd students demanding value for money and squaring up to the problem of finding jobs. With our support, you can more easily meet growing student expectations, increase recruitment and deliver better educational outcomes for your students. We’ll also help you improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Supporting education – core to our business

We provide services to lots schools and further education institutions – it’s more than 15% of our entire business. We have in-depth experience of the problems you’re facing in education. Use us to take the strain with all the peripheral activity you have to undertake – and you’ll be able to devote far more of your energies and money to teaching


Globally, the internet audience continues to grow rapidly and this encourages businesses to innovate and offer an ever-evolving array of online services. Sectors that are growing very rapidly online include the sale of entertainment, event tickets, travel and apparel and consumer electronics.


With many retailers experiencing difficult trading conditions, coupled with high costs of goods and distribution.

Many retail companies are looking for more efficient ways to generate revenue by managing the demands of the customer, as well as making cost savings and efficiencies across the business.

Shopping habits continue to change, as customers expect more convenience and better service. Buying online has never been easier, thanks to web-enabled mobile devices, giving customers the opportunity to browse, compare prices and buy, wherever they are.

An omni-channel, customer-centric approach to customer contact is now considered key to success in maintaining competitive edge and customer loyalty.

We can help

We can take care of a wide range of the specialised processes that are peripheral to your business – leaving you free to concentrate on your core activities. And our investment in infrastructure provides the scale, flexibility and resilience you need to keep in touch with all your customers right through the year and especially in peak trading periods.

Whether you are looking to transform your customers’ experience, need the ability to scale up or down to meet volume demands, maximise profitability, update your technology, streamline your back office processes, or find the right property, we can help. Take a look at our huge range of services, which can transform your organisation.

Recent projects

Browse our recent projects and you will see how we work and what are the technologies we use to build software with a high quality and profissional ways to present you all what you need, All we aim is to make our customers satisfied and happy with all of our services.